Traffic Light System LZA 500-PED

Portable pedestrian light system


  • Compact and handy design
  • Longer operating times due to low power consumption
  • Swivel heads - easy to turn away from the flow of traffic for testing the lights
  • Folding head Operational height: ca. 2839 mm, stowed height: ca. 1440 mm
  • Super lightweight and environmentally friendly
  • Uses latest Bluetooth technology
  • Request on demand

Technical Data

Light source: 80 high power LEDs
Light colour: red, green
Max. light intensity: 380 cd red, 160 cd green
Av. power consumption: 0.45 A
Operating voltage: 12V
Height lifted: 2839 mm
Height lowered: 1440 mm


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
LZA 500-PED 145564-002
Battery box 245335-13-02
Niko key 070090-3
Traffic Light System LZA 500-PED