LZA 500-UK

Traffic light system


  • Long operating times
  • Auto restart: When fault is detected the system restarts automatically
  • Folding head: The tallest portable lights in the UK (operational height approx. 2725mm)
  • Pre-programmed distance settings: Easy to use software control
  • Lightweight & strong: Approx. 38kg (without batteries) per head meaning a 4-way can be supplied on a 750kg trailer
  • Transportation: Very compact and a 2-way fits into a small van
  • Universal heads: Each LZA 500-UK can run as a master or a slave
  • Long operating times due to low power consumption
  • Auto on/off switch across-phase from master - no manual shutdown required on all heads
  • Swivel heads - easy to turn away from the flow of traffic for testing the lights
  • Ensure operator safety by cutting out the need to stand in a live carriageway
  • Taller than most other portable traffic signals for clearer visibility and improved safety
  • Pre-programmed distance setting making them user friendly
  • Multi-frequency-technology for radio operation
  • Available for radio operation and with radar sensors for traffic density response or for maximum “green” time
  • Super lightweight and environmentally friendly
  • Robust polycarbonate lens with contrast sheet for superior visibility and low power use
  • Can be fully dismantled and loaded into a small van
  • Can be folded and loaded into a transit size van with a specialized ramp
  • Lighted control panel at eye level making them user friendly by cutting out the need to bend down
  • Can be wireless or cable linked
  • Technology that allows multiple phases with multiple heads
  • Suitable for 2-way and multi-phase set-ups
  • Add a light into a running phase with ease

Technical Data

Light source: LEDs
Operational height: ca. 2725 mm
Stowed height: ca. 1380 mm


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
LZA 500-UK Traffic Light 145564-002
Battery Box 245335-13-02
Niko Key 070090-3
Radar 064302-2
LZA 500-UK