Traffic Light System LZA 550-LED

Portable traffic light system


  • ‘Rugged’ and ‘compact’ design for the UK market
  • Intelligent tried and tested German technology and build quality
  • Industry leading run time (up to 21 days with 6v batteries)
  • AMOS (Automatic Man on Site) alleviates the need for costly man on site operation – maximum green time adjustable up to 295 seconds
  • Auto restart in case of comms failure
  • Folding head: The tallest portable lights in the UK
  • Pre-programmed distance settings
  • Lightweight yet strong system (only 114 kg incl. batteries)
  • Very compact; a 2-way fits into a small van
  • Each LZA 550-UK can run as a master or a slave
  • Auto on/off switch across-phase from master
  • Lighted and user-friendly control panel at eye level
  • Can be wireless or cable linked
  • System allows multiple phases with multiple heads
  • Add an extra light into a running phase with ease
  • Fully compatible pedestrian crossings using latest Bluetooth technology
  • Remote battery monitoring available

Technical Data

Light source: LEDs
Light colour: red, amber, green
Av. power consumption standby: 40 mA
Operating voltage: 12 V
Operating time: with rechargeable battery: 12 V, 180 Ah: 550 hrs
with rechargeable battery: 12 V, 230 Ah: 700 hrs
Height operational: 2710 mm x 602 mm
Height lowered: 1728 mm x 602 mm


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
LZA 500-UK Traffic Light 145566-001
Handle for battery box (v4) 245336-099
Battery Box 245336-001
Niko Key 070090-3
Radar 064302-2
Traffic Light System LZA 550-LED