High level twin VMS  system


  • Vehicle mountable Twin VMS panel system for Arrows, Red Cross, Wickets and text message applications
  • Each VMS panel is equipped with Red/Amber/White LEDs
  • Lower Panel is fixed onto bed of Traffic Management or “Blocked” vehicle
  • Ideal for motorways and dual carriageways with high traffic volume of coaches and HGVs
  • Top VMS panel remains highly visible for motorists without obstruction from HGVs or coaches due to its height (approx. 7m high)
  • Both VMS Panels are interlinked to ensure that Wickets, Arrows and Cross information is displayed according to the Authorised and Prescribed TSRGD Signs
  • Easy to operate system can be deployed within minutes on the hard shoulder or live lane to provide instant warning to oncoming motorists
  • Eliminates the need for additional temporary signs which often requires the need for workforce to cross live carriageways
  • Each VMS panel can be supplied with the latest SMD LED technology
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Highly legible signs, texts or symbols even during bright daylight conditions with patented technology (no phantom light)
  • Capable of displaying up to 5 lanes wicket signs
  • Automatic brightness adjustment for day and night time conditions
  • Cab –fitted Basic Remote control always indicates the sign which is displayed on the VMS matrix
  • All photometric values are BS EN 12966 compliant.
  • Other versions available upon request
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Technical Data

Dimensions each VMS (WxH) : 2100 x 1680 mm
LED pitch : 20 mm
Operating voltage : 12/24 V
Material housing : Aluminium, seawater resistant


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Nissen VarioSign 5k x 4k - 420 with Red/White LEDs : 229291-54-113
Standard Remote Control (cable) : 129266-26
Memory stick for data storage : 320227-8