Star-Flash LED Type 627

LED Guide light system


  • Lamp class L8L/L8M according to EN 12352
  • Easy operation, no cable connections
  • Large push-button for simple switching-on
  • Switch-off delay to avoid unintended switching off
  • Synchronization by infrared diodes in each lamp
  • Lamp chain of any length and any amount of lamps possible
  • All lamps identical, each lamp can be used individually
  • Only 1 Super LED, therefore low current consumption and long operating times
  • High light intensity (500 cd)
  • Lens diameter 200 mm
  • Automatic day/night adaptation
  • Basic steady light for increased visibility at darkness
  • Space-saving storage due to slim design
  • With four swivel-out support feet, therefore high stability
  • Robust quick lock, opening of the lamp housing without tools
  • Lower weight because of integrated battery pack
  • Actual long-life lithium ferro batteries, hardly any self-discharge
  • Innovative charging technique, therefore quick and secure charging
  • Charge level indication in the lamp head
  • Transport and charging cradle optionally supplied with or without supply cable and vehicle plug (1 cradle per lamp necessary)
  • Optionally available for synchronous operation

Technical Data

Light colour : blue, amber, red
Light source : one sided: 1 LED ; two-sided: 2 LEDs
Eff. Light intensity day/night : 500 cd / 250 cd
Flash rate : 60 fl. / min.
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 370 x 205 x 95 mm
Weight : ca. 1.6 kg
Operating time :
with integrated Lithium Ferro battery pack: 40 hrs
with battery Premium 800 : 180 hrs
with battery Premium 3000 : 800 hrs


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Star-Flash Guide Light System, LED, Type 627, Blue lens, One sided, RECHARGEABLE, housing yellow/black 129091-011-02
Star-Flash Guide Light System, LED, Type 627, Amber lens, One sided, RECHARGEABLE, housing yellow/black 129091-001-02
Transport and Charging cradle for Star Flash 627, 4-fold, 2m cable with car plug 129090-001-01
Star-Flash LED Type 627