Standard 12B and Narrow 9(5) systems


  • Following extensive trials, Nissen VarioSign is now fully authorised by the DfT
  • Equipped with sign lifting eyes as standard for ease of installation and removal
  • Automatic legend display sequence according to UK TSRGD and HE Chapter 8 (e.g. 1 mile, 800, 600, 400, 200 yards)
  • Available with standard Highways England programmable ECP plug mounted on the post for location (e.g. 1 mile)
  • Bespoke software with high security prevents conflicting aspects being displayed in the same group of signs
  • Automatic fault reporting (SMS & email)
  • Automatic data logging (user, time, display message, etc)
  • UTMC compliant
  • Crash safe inertia switch
  • Lighting protection unit (LPU)
  • Minimal power consumption due to optimised optimized electronics
  • Sign status LED indicators
  • Approvals include: TOPAS, CE, EN 12966; TR2603 compliant, DfT Signs Authorisation, code of connection in accordance with MCH 1514, EMC as per BS EN 50293

Technical Data

Dimensions (WxH) : Standard 12B Sign (5x4k-420) (screen): 2100 x 1680 mm
Narrow 9(5) Sign (3x4k-420) (screen): 1260 x 1680 mm
Light colour : red, white


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Standard 12B sign VarioSign 5x4k - 420 red/white 229291-54-113 with special configuration
Narrow 9(5) sign VarioSign 3x4k - 420 red/white 229291-34-103 with special configuration
Pro-remote Touch (Bluetooth) 129266-25
Standard cable remote control 129266-26