VarioSign 5 x 4K- Vehicle Mount

High level vehicle mountable LED system

REF. NO. VK-120416-1

  • State-of-art VMS system is equipped with VarioSign ProLine Red/Amber SMD LEDs
  • System consists of VarioSign (top) and a conventional 610 arrow (bottom) equipped with a yellow blind or Nissen Toblerone (prism) system.
  • System is pre-programmed with Arrow Left, Arrow Right, 2-fold wig wags and a Cross.
  • Depending on the selected arrow position on VMS, the 610 arrow displays a corresponding arrow left or right and when top VMS board displays Red X, a yellow blind system displays “CONVOY VEHICLE NO OVERTAKING” as specified under Chapter 8 of the Highways Agency
  • Ideal for impact protection vehicles offering advanced superior warning and information to oncoming motorists
  • System can be programmed with "wicket" signs for lane closure information.
  • BS and EN compliant system and meets the Highways Agency’s Chapter 8 requirements