VarioSign 6 x 4K – Trailer mount

REF. NO. VK-00001

  • Designed for Traffic Management and Events Management
  • Using the latest LED technology, VarioSign ProLine SMD 6 x 4K - 420 VMS panel displays clear and concise information
  • Suitable for all purpose roads, including motorways
  • Highly legible even during bright day light with patented technology
  • System consumes minimal power and offers long operating times
  • Trailer mount system can be powered by solar panels, 230 V mains or batteries
  • Messages can be displayed locally using Nissen remote control or remotely via NiNa - Nissen Navigation System (web based)
  • 4-fold Amber LED wig wags, can be controlled indepandent of the VMS
  • Speed detection (optional)
  • Capable of displaying text, pictograms in static or dynamic mode
  • Photometric values in accordance with BS EN 12966
  • Available in Amber, Red, White, Blue & Green LEDs